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10-year-old Iko was recently surrendered to Rabbit Rescue and Rehab with several urgent health concerns. When we first met Iko, his extremely stiff movement was immediately apparent. Arthritis prevents him from bending or extending his back legs fully and he is unable to reach down for cecotropes. Instead, he turns around to pick them up off the floor and often accidently sits or steps on them, requiring a gentle foot or butt bath to clean him up.

Iko is missing one of his top incisors, without which the opposing bottom incisor will continually grow, eventually cause problems that could prevent him from eating. This is something that will need to be addressed very soon. We also had blood work done for Iko immediately upon taking him into our organization and it unfortunately showed that he has renal failure, a concern that also complicates the treatment of Iko’s other health issues. Iko receives subcutaneous fluids daily to support his kidney function and mitigate the effects on his kidneys of the pain medication required for his arthritis. He has a special diet that includes critical care several times a day to further help maintain hydration and to keep his weight up.

Now that he is settled into his permanent sanctuary home and being given all of the care he requires, Iko is doing very well! He is tremendously happy and playful, and loves the companionship of humans and his partner Winter. Winter takes excellent care of Iko, helping him groom the spots he can’t reach, and allowing himself to be used as a big comfy pillow when Iko wants a nap.

Iko requires frequent vet visits and his care is costly. If you would like to help support his ongoing care, please consider sponsoring Iko! 

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