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Blaze, the Brave Bunny Rescued From a Magic Show

Last year, we rescued Blaze from a terrible situation where he was being used as a live magic show prop. Blaze was living in a tiny, filthy cage, often without access to food or water. He was severely underweight, had scars from old injuries all across his face, and was dragging a badly broken leg that had gone entirely untreated for an extended length of time.


Blaze's femur –-the strongest bone in a rabbit’s body— had broken completely in two just above the joint. His leg was irreparable, and our vet recommended amputation to give him back a pain-free life and the ability to run and play. Blaze had no control over this leg, so if he tried to move too quickly he would be tripped by it swinging underneath his body and dragging behind him. It kept him from both moving freely and keeping himself clean, and would have only caused more problems and more pain for Blaze in the future.


Blaze spent a week in his foster home before his surgery, where he was given all of the comforts of a loving home for the first time in his life. He finally had a healthy and consistent diet, fresh water, a clean living space, and so much more. And we are so glad to report that on the day of the amputation, this daunting and complicated surgery went as smoothly as could have been imagined. Blaze even began eating and hopping almost immediately after waking up! He was discharged only one day after surgery, and right away he began learning how to adapt to life with three legs.


Now over a month since surgery, Blaze is unstoppable! He is being given an increasingly larger out-of-habitat exercise space as he heals, learns how to balance, and builds strength in his remaining back leg. Already, Blaze is running around like he was never able to before surgery, and he is so happy, playful, and adventurous. He has even learned how to binky! For a bunny who dealt with the horrific cruelty and trauma that Blaze faced, he is unbelievably sweet and loving with his human friends. When he finally tires out from running, playing, and exploring, Blaze will lie completely stretched out and fall fast asleep snuggled up with his foster parents.


It has been a privilege to help Blaze heal and ensure he will forever live the comfortable, safe, and happy life that he so deserves. 

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