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Mailing Address:


Rabbit Rescue & Rehab/NYC Metro Rabbits

333 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite #363

White Plains, NY 10605

Social Media:

Facebook: /RabbitRescue/Rehab 

Instagram: rabbit_rescue_and_rehab 


Do You Need to Find a New Home For Your Rabbit?

Thank you for contacting us in your search for a home for your bunny. We wish we had room to take in your bunny and all the rabbits we hear of daily who are in homeless or dangerous situations. However, we are absolutely overwhelmed with rabbits at this time. Our foster spaces are overflowing and the stray-bunny and owner-surrender calls keep pouring in. We do not have a physical shelter, and cannot accept owner-relinquished rabbits into our foster care system because our first priority is to help bunnies in shelters who would otherwise be euthanized, and we do not have anywhere near the resources needed to save these bunnies.

But we have found that ALMOST ALWAYS when an owner feels he or she can no longer care for the bunny, the owner does not realize that the bunny's care could be made a lot easier, saving time for the owner and making life more pleasant for the bunny. Time after time, we find that the owners who want to give up their bunnies have been doing things in a much more time-consuming and labor intensive way than they need to.

Usually they are very grateful to learn about our efficient and sensible rabbit care techniques, and they realize that making a few accommodations in their homes and lives for their pet will be far, far easier than finding a good home they can trust — especially with such an epidemic of unwanted rabbits in our area. It all starts with SPAYING OR NEUTERING THE RABBIT.

In addition to offering you techniques to make daily care easier, we can provide tips for finding adopters, tips for SCREENING adopters (extremely important so that the bunny is not used as snake food, fighting dog bait, human food — believe us: it happens). We can even screen FOR YOU any adopters you find.

Please do not release your bunny outdoors. Companion rabbits are no longer adapted to living in the wild and they lack the survival skills wild bunnies use to protect themselves. As strays, they are at risk of death by raccoons, dogs, parasites, cars, dehydration, cruel people — the list goes on. They do not last long out there, and most meet with horrible, cruel fates.

In addition, we do not recommend placing your bunny in a school or petting zoo situation where the stress levels are too high for a prey species like a rabbit, or with a pet store, as they may sell or use the bun as a "feeder" (for snakes).

Please call or e-mail us if you want more info. We truly enjoy talking to people about their rabbits, and helping them realize that rabbits can be much more rewarding than they are burdens.

If you're looking to re-home your own bunny, please remember: Yours is the only home she has ever known. Taking that away literally changes her entire universe, and causes her, as a prey species, an enormous amount of stress. She is utterly dependent on you, you are her only voice. Please make this decision extremely carefully.

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