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Rabbit Rescue & Rehab is an all-volunteer organization. Below are some of the ways that you can make a difference in the lives of rabbits awaiting their forever homes:

Rabbit Foster Parent

        -Become a fosterer for one of our adoptable bunnies. See the Foster tab for more info 

Fundraising Coordinator 

        -Plan and manage fundraising events 

Educational Outreach

        -Plan and manage educational events

Social Media Contributor 

        -Prepare materials to be shared on our social media pages 

Newsletter Contributors 

        -Write educational articles, event reports, fun and entertaining rabbit-themed stories, and more for our bi-monthly newsletter Thump 

Grant Researcher/Writer 

        -Research available grants, compose and submit grant materials, and follow up on other requirements 


Please contact us if you have other skills that you would like to share with us! 

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