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Rabbits are extremely social animals who crave not only the love and attention of their human families, but also benefit greatly from the close companionship they can receive from a bonded bunny partner. Bonded bunnies support, entertain, and comfort one another. They give each other confidence and mitigate nervousness during stressful situations. It is wonderful to see the joy that two bunnies can bring to one another’s lives and witness all of the loving interactions between them. 


If you and your rabbit would like to consider adopting a partner bun, then the next step is to learn all about bonding! The process of introducing and bonding your rabbit to a partner is one that must be done with great care, patience, and under the guidance of a volunteer experienced in the bonding process to ensure a safe transition into partnered life. It is very important for rabbits to choose their own partners, so initial introductions will take place during a speed date in which your rabbit will meet several potential candidates to ensure that the best possible match is made. Following a successful speed date, the bonding process continues at home. A special housing set-up must be arranged, and a structured set of procedures must be carried out over time until the rabbits are fully bonded. 

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If you are interested in adopting a partner for your rabbit, email to inquire about arranging a speed date! All bunnies must be spayed or neutered before a speed date can be arranged. 

There are also many bonded pairs waiting to be adopted in the New York area. These bunnies can have a harder time finding a forever home than single bunnies, but there are benefits to adopting a pair that is already bonded! Not only will they support one another through the process of settling into their new home, adopting a pair of already-bonded bunnies completely cuts out the work of the bonding process; it’s a win-win for the bunnies and their new forever family!  

Articles about the bonding process: 

Mary Cotter’s article “The Most Important Word in Bonding: PATIENCE,” is an essential source of information for all bunny parents considering entering into the bonding process. 

"Have We Got a Girl (or Boy) for You! by Amy Odum and "Bunny Has Picked Out a Mate: Now What?" by Mary Ann Maier

Habitat Set-up for Bonding:

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