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Below are some "happy tails" of bunnies who have found loving forever homes. 


In the fall of 2015, we found baby Oliver outside hiding under a car in gravely critical condition. On the day of his rescue, he was a tiny (11oz) baby rabbit who was filthy, emaciated, and had a horrendous wound in his head. It looked to be a severe burn with blunt force trauma and, unimaginably, it was suspected that the little guy had been tasered or burned with a cigarette. He was immediately rushed to the vet, where we could only hope he would be strong enough make it despite all of these injuries, in addition to a severe upper respiratory infection. Gradually, with a lot of veterinary care and a tremendous show of strength from little Oliver, he pulled through and grew into the most beautiful 6lb adult rabbit.

Even after all of the trauma of his past, Oliver is absolutely as sweet as they come. He loves cuddles and affection, and gives the best kisses. He keeps his living space impeccably neat, and spends his days binkying, snuggling, and arranging his blankets just the way he likes for cozy midday naps. Still, for a long time, Oliver was passed over for adoption- something that many rabbits with ruby eyes face despite being some of the sweetest and most loving rabbits around. Until, that is, Oliver finally met his new forever parents, who took one look at him and were immediately smitten! Oliver officially adopted them soon after, and will now spend all the rest of his day in his forever home.

Milo and Victoria (1).JPG

Milo and Victoria

I adopted Milo from RR&R in January 2014. I had wanted to get him a buddy but we never found the right match at a Speed Date. We tried him with Victoria this December and it was a perfect match. We started out slowly giving them a week to adjust before starting dates in the home. Their first dates were only a couple of minutes at a time. Starting slow and being patient paid off in the long run. They are now fully bonded. Victoria is a tripod bunny (she had her left hind leg amputated when she was a baby). Milo grooms her face and ear where it is hard for her to reach. She gives him nuzzles and kisses in return. Milo has always been social. He loves people and pets. His personality hasn't changed at all. Victoria is shyer but she is warming up to receiving pets more often and loves getting hand fed. Waiting for the right match paid off.

We love hearing updates from our adopters! If you would like to share your "happy tail," email us at!

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