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Winter is a beautiful white and grey boy with the most fabulous chunky chipmunk cheeks. He was surrendered to us when he was about 8 years old along with his partner Iko. Winter’s front legs are significantly splayed due to an old injury to his leg and shoulder. This makes it quite difficult for Winter to clean his face or to sit in an upright position as his front legs tend to drift apart, but when he is moving he compensates quite well and gets where he wants to go.


Winter has special accommodations at home that include lots of soft places to sit and lie down and extra traction across all of his living space with rugs, beds, and blankets that cannot move or bunch up. Winter must have a completely flat living area without anything that he could get on top of, since he could be easily hurt jumping up or down from even short heights.

Winter has been doing wonderfully in his permanent sanctuary home, and will continue to have frequent health checks because of his age and to keep a close eye on his physical health.

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